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Off the Curb & Finished 4 Good Earth Day Challenge

Starts: Friday April 22, 2022

We have a challenge for you, America! We’ve been inspired by our good friend Aimee @ Finished 4 Good, who rehabs unwanted furniture and passes it along to her local Habitat ReStore. Will you pledge to rescue a piece of furniture and either keep it or pass it along like Aimee does? Our goal is to have at least one person from all 50 states pledge to rescue and rehabilitate a piece of furniture. Will you help us turn the map yellow? Simply comment, dm, or email us ( with the name of your state and how many pieces of furniture you pledge to rescue/rehab between Earth Day 2022 and Earth Day 2023, and we’ll turn your state yellow and add your pledge(s) to the tally. That’s it! There’s no fine print. Small projects and first-time furniture rehabbers are encouraged. We would love to see pictures of your projects, too. Tag us on Instagram @offthecurb_inc and #otcearthdaychallenge!

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