Off and Running Fundraiser

Off the Curb, Inc. is off and running! Our pilot furniture rescue program begins this spring and has the potential to save over 100,000 pounds of furniture this year alone. But we need your help. As a new nonprofit, our bank account is groaning under the weight of this awesome opportunity. Expenses for this program alone total $475/mo. That’s why we’re reaching out to friends, family, and furniture- and planet-lovers, asking for donations.

Fortunately, our first goal should be easy to achieve! If we raise $50 in monthly reoccurring donations, a generous donor has offered to match that amount. Won’t you help us reach our initial goal and get this program “off and running” by becoming a monthly reoccurring donor?

If monthly donations don’t work for you, please consider a one-time donation. No amount is too small, because together we are mighty. Let’s lighten the landfill load on this planet!

Donating is easy and secure. You can text the word GIVE followed by the amount (ex. GIVE 25) to (844) 326-4739 or visit

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Off the Curb, Inc. is a Pennsylvania nonprofit spreading its message nationwide to reduce and eliminate furniture in our landfills. We believe beautiful homes do not have to come at the price of our planet. Our mission is to inspire people through education and access to keep furniture off the curb and out of landfills.


Off the Curb, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.


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