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Furniture Pickup

We Get It.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s a hectic time. When you’re packing and unpacking, a lot of stuff ends up on the curb and out for trash pickup. We’d like to make sure that stuff doesn’t include furniture. That’s why we’re partnering with realtors in Pittsburgh’s South Hills to give home buyers and sellers an easy alternative to the landfill.

The Who …

We’re glad your realtor referred you! Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Off the Curb, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to inspire people through education and access to keep furniture off the curb and out of landfills.

The What …

For our purposes, and for the purposes of this program, furniture includes indoor/outdoor and upholstered/non-upholstered:

•    Sofas
•    Loveseats
•    Futons
•    Chairs
•    Tables
•    Dressers
•    Free Standing Shelves


•    Ottomans
•    Stools (footstools, barstools, etc.)
•    Armoires
•    Free Standing Cabinets and Bakers Racks
•    Headboards, Footboards, and Beds
•    Cedar Chests and Wooden Chests (footlockers)


Furniture does not include:

•    Home Goods (throw pillows, bean bags, blankets, rugs, wall hangings, knickknacks, and general home décor)
•    Pianos or Other Musical Instruments
•    Mattresses and Bedding
•    Lamps/Lighting
•    Electronics (televisions, stereos, computers, etc.)


We are less concerned with the condition of the furniture than we are with the location. We are a team of volunteers, not professional movers. To make it easiest on everyone involved, we ask that furniture be placed in a garage or in an outside area, like on a covered porch, before pickup. If there are extenuating circumstances and our volunteers must enter a home, we ask that the furniture be gathered together in an easily accessible room on the first floor.

The Where …

Off the Curb, Inc. has a furniture storage facility in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. That is where we will transport the items we collect and assess them for assignment into one of our 4 Stages. Items that are in good or better, usable condition will be either sold to offset the cost of the pick-up program or donated to local charities based on the charities’ current needs. Items that need repaired or repurposed will be matched with an appropriate furniture expert or artist, and then returned to Off the Curb for sale or donation. Items that are beyond salvaging will be disassembled and recycled to minimize waste.

Scavenger Hunt Map

The When …

Off the Curb picks up furniture for free on the first and third Saturdays of each month, excluding holidays.

Due to Covid-19 and in order to protect our volunteers and donors, we are postponing furniture rescue missions until further notice.

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