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Take a drive around any community on trash pick-up day. You’ll see furniture and home furnishings, hoping to be rescued from the landfill at the last minute. Some of these items were turned away by other nonprofits who have strict condition requirements. Other items would be useable with a little creativity and some elbow grease. Unfortunately, for most of these items, regardless of their condition, a rescuer never comes, and they join the over 9 million tons of furniture and home furnishings being landfilled every year. Off the Curb, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, wants to change that.


Our mission is to inspire people through education and by example

to keep furniture off the curb and out of landfills.

Our vision is to achieve furniture-free landfills through the promotion of reuse and repair, and through the adoption of innovative recycling practices once furniture reaches the end of its usable lifespan.


Off the Curb will actively monitor the effectiveness of our communications, reaching out to Pittsburghers in an effort to record the number of pieces of furniture that were donated or rehomed as a result of information we’ve provided (i.e. referrals, downloadable databases, community outreach, app, etc.)

We believe a mission is pointless unless its progress can be measured. Our progress will be measured in the following ways:

Mission Impact



We will keep a tally of how many people follow along with our mission via social media and through our email lists and newsletters. By regularly polling these friends, we will gather information on where and how often they were able to donate or rehome unwanted furniture as a result of the information they’ve received from Off the Curb.




We welcome collaboration. We will tell the stories of people and organizations about the furniture they’ve rescued. We will celebrate where those pieces are now and the good we’ve been able to do together.

We will set yearly goals to encourage and facilitate the donation or rehoming of a specific amount of furniture pieces. These numbers and the results will be made public on our website, in donor correspondences, and in company literature.

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Our Values

Nature – We value our planet and its resources. They are not infinite. We pledge to lessen our impact.
Stewardship – We value the donations given and the relationships built. We pledge to carefully manage these gifts.
People – We value the efforts and talents of those around us. We pledge our support and guidance.
Information – We value learning. It is the key to lasting change. We pledge to share our knowledge.
Responsibility – We value accountability. Each of us has the power to make a difference.

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