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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OTC?
    Off the Curb is Pittsburgh’s premiere source for information to keep furniture off the curb and out of landfills.
  • Why do we need to keep furniture out of landfills?
    We all know the planet could use a break from our trash, and some great alternatives to furniture disposal already exist in the Pittsburgh area.
  • What are the alternatives?
    To start with, we advocate assessing your furniture to see if it can be repaired, repurposed, reused or recycled. For detailed information about those stages, check out
  • Can YOU take my furniture?
    Not yet. We’re a newborn non-profit, working hard to navigate the world during a pandemic. That means we’ve had to pause some pretty cool programs and curtail our ideas in order to keep everyone safe. There are some established non-profits and charitable organizations in the Pittsburgh area who might be able to help you out. There are also Facebook groups that specialize in connecting people who have furniture and other items to get rid of with people who are in need. To find an organization in the Pittsburgh area, our database is good place to start. You can download that here. We also suggest checking out

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