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Are you concerned about usable furniture ending up in landfills? Would you like to help Off the Curb raise money to fund current and future programs? Become a “friend of Off the Curb” and sell unwanted furniture online and donate a portion of the proceeds during our Great Sell Off.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose/Find an item in good condition to sell.

  • Find a place to sell it, and familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures. (Some

    examples include Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor App, Craigslist, and OfferUp. ***Off the Curb is a PayPal certified charity, which means you can sell on Nextdoor and donate directly to Off the Curb through PayPal. To learn more, click here.)

  • Post the item with a fair price, clear photographs, and an accurate description that includes the following: “I’m raising money for Off the Curb, Inc. by selling my unwanted furniture instead of putting it out with the trash. Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit organization.” (You are welcome to donate more!)

  • Send us a link, so we can help promote your sale.

  • Once the sale is complete, make your donation here. Be sure to click “Write a note”

    beneath the donation amount on the final page, and type “The Great Sell Off” along with the number of items sold. (This helps with mission impact measurement.)


A note about selling safely:

  1. Communicate with potential buyers through the online platform where the item is listed. Do not give out personal emails or phone numbers. This way, if a problem arises, issues can be reported.

  2. Iron out all the details of the sale before giving out your address or meeting in person. Include the price of the item and how payment will be made. Use a secure payment system such as the one provided by the online selling platform, Paypal, or cash.

  3. If you are meeting at your home, move the item to the garage, a porch, or outside under cover, so the buyer does not have to enter your home. Have a friend or other adult family member with you during the exchange.

  4. Consider arranging for “porch pickup” or “porch drop off,” where the item is left on the doorstep without the buyer and seller having in-person interaction. Payment is left at the door or made online. (Again, iron out these details before providing your address.)


Get in touch. We love to talk about rescuing furniture!

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